Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today... on film

So, with my camera in for repair and me going through photo taking withdrawal I picked up my Nikon FE

What I learned to shoot with 3

and realized that there was still unused film in it. So, I picked up where I left off. I have used this camera (or it's twin that sadly died a few years ago - but that's another story) far longer than I have used my Nikon D40 by years. So it was not with much difficulty that I was able to start snapping again.
That being said, the very distinct mechanical sound startled me some and EVERY time I've taken a picture I've lowered the camera to look at the back of the camera as if I'd be able to see the photo I'd just taken.

What I learned to shoot with 6

It's been neat to pick up the camera again and look through it. A bigger brighter image through the viewfinder, in some ways easier to create the picture from the viewfinder, harder to tell if the setting I used where correct - as I still haven't finished the roll. When shooting digital I tend to take multiple exposures of the same scene. Sometimes 8 or more. With the FE, think it through and 'click'. Wasn't even a thought. And my right thumb instinctively advancing the film like I never stopped using it.

Odd. I learned a great deal about the basics of photography with this camera, a gift from my Dad (thanks, again!), and yet I've learned that much and more about the art and passion that is picture taking. Digital caters to my impatience. Film seems to be catering to the romantic notion of pictures, although I must be careful not to shoot too much... it costs. Many of our photos we leave in the digital realm, using them here, flickr, facebook or email. Besides film costs money.

So, while I still love this little camera, I still want my D40 back!!! Oh, and that's why there's no new pictures up anywhere from me. Some are being taken, but it might be awhile before I even see them.

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Tara said...

oh how I miss your other camera. sigh.