Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Olivia bath time... and a full head

Too much stuff happening in my head to express anything that wouldn't ramble incessantly and whatever I wrote wouldn't even make sense to me.

So why blog today? Pictures! Bath time pictures of my daughter... so ya, enjoy.

Monkey say what?

Contagious laugh


mmmmm... washcloth-ilicious

As for the "post" that I referred to in my last post that I was working on... I forgot what it was about.


Amanda Daybyday said...

Gorgeous pictures!
I hope you get some clarity in the head of yours. I'm sure you will.

Shelley said...

Just came over from your wife's blog to say hello. I am from New Brunswick, currently in Korea teaching ESL.

Love the pics of your daughter, especially the first one - what pretty eyes she has!

Shelley said...
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