Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some Random Doug thoughts

What follows are some things I scribbled out in one of my journals today after walking through a park with lots of waterfowl.

Landing en masse
So much life.
Despite all the chaos in our world, despite all the brokenness, the pain
- life still thrives -
Despite everything, pollution, global warming, species extinction, superbugs, pandemics, war, hate, intolerance, confusion, misunderstandings, there IS love and beauty still.
Perhaps that sounds cheesy. Sentimental. The mystery of the world is astounding. The simple/complex beauty of nature. The abundance of life in a flock of birds lifting off the water and seeing them span out across the sky.
The beauty and inspiration that comes from watching someone do something they love to do.
The peace of a child with their parent.
The smile of a friend when they see you.
The "newness" of spring after a long winter.
Seriously my feet are cold
I think sometimes we get sucked inot the responsibilities and challenges of our lives; we are proud of the responsibility we have, we enjoy the challenges. Yet, as important as these things are, we miss things.
There is still beauty to see, music to hear, kindness to show, hope to share.
Take off
There is still life.

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